About Us

Our mission is to provide customers with the convenience of having healthy fully cooked meals made with organic ingredients delivered right to their doorstep. We strive to better the health of our customers, their families and future generations by helping people to become more knowledgeable on food consumption and their nutrition intake.
Mealganics LLC was founded in August of 2015 by Jamie Harrison. She started meal prepping while she was pregnant with her first daughter, June. Jamie was soon preparing meals for her husband, Josh, and soon noticed when he was taking them to work that his coworkers were interested in buying some meals because they couldn't deny the delicious smell. Realizing she was onto something Jamie then decided to start Mealganics LLC.
"Being born and raised in Dallas, Texas makes it difficult to not make every meal a burger and fries kind of meal. Having ready to go meals helped the baby and I stay healthy and get the correct amount of nutrients daily. The convenience alone of being able to open your fridge and have a nutritious, portioned out and fully cooked meal ready to be heated up and devoured made my company an easy solution."



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